Yesterday and Today

There is no shelf life on good music.

In my industry, I hear that from my peers every day, and I believe it’s true.

As for me, I spend a great deal of my time listening to music created over a century ago. I’m fascinated with it’s history, and how it’s evolved.  The question is, do I spend too much time looking at the past, and not celebrating the jazz of today?


The lessons and intricacies of all the great musicians who have come and gone leave, not only a legacy of supreme sound, but also a hefty list of do’s and don’ts.

I’ll admit, I have waxed nostalgic for the past. I was raised on a hefty portion of Louis, Ella, and Hawkins, and then as I grew I couldn’t get enough of Corea or Ramsey Lewis.

The truth is, if all you ever do is lean back towards the past you will eventually fall on you ass.

That’s just embarrassing.

Cècile McLorin Salvant is one of the many artists that pulls me back up upright. She is supremely technical in her delivery, but with an emotional passion that crawls into your bone marrow like a serum of joy.

Her music has been gracing me for the entire time  I’ve been on the air.  Cècile, and her contemporaries, will keep my generation from falling on our collected bums.  She’s been compared to Ella, but she’s no Ella. She IS Cècile McLorin Salvant, and that is lovely and rare. She is creating a sound and style that will bring the next two generations into the world of jazz.

Cècile McLorin Salvant sings John Henry

Feel the joy.

Cécile McLorin Salvant 2014 John Henry

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